Monday, August 20, 2018

APW International Pty Ltd was established in early 2004 and engaged two key people previously employed by Australian Prestige Wines Pty Ltd. APW International has the specific aim of catering to the growing international interest in quality Australian wines.
As well as specialising in the 'boutique' end of the Australian wine industry, a separate arrangement has been formed to create the "Australian Legend" label. This project has the dual objectives of providing affordable Australian Wine to match with our many and varied premium products; and position us for major opportunities in Europe, Asia and North America.
Additionally, APW works closely with gifted wine maker Gavin Hogg who produces three quality labels under his Coonawarra based operation: Kopparossa, Olivia and Hoggies Estate.
There are more than 1500 wine makers in Australia, but just three very large companies account for almost 85% of the total wine production. Many of the high quality, smaller, wineries haven't come to the attention of even knowledgeable international wine consumers: they haven't been large enough to provide the time or resources to develop and support an overseas market.
APW joins China promotions
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APW International launches Hoggies Estate in China
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Company Profile and Information now available in Chinese
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