Exporting wine from Australia is very strictly controlled in order to protect the reputation of Australian wine in the international marketplace. Three levels of control have been instituted by the Australian Government to ensure that minimum standards are maintained.
Export Licensing:
Only companies that have a licence to export are permitted to send wine out of the country. These licences are granted by The Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation under an Act of the Federal Parliament, and the number granted is limited.
Licences are reviewed every year. Renewal is not automatic and depends on the licensees performance. Australian Prestige Wines held a licence for fourteen years and APW International will continue the tradition.
Export Approval:
No wine can be exported from Australia until it has been tested at a laboratory and then, authorised for export by an expert tasting panel. Approvals are valid for one year. APW International holds export approvals for over 100 individual wines.
Export Authorisation:
As well, every shipment of wine above 100 litres must be authorised by The Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation. Exporters must submit to the Corporation a detailed breakdown of all wines in each consignment and show the current export approval number of each wine.
Major International Markets:

Canada Hong Kong Taiwan
Singapore Ireland China